"Tarot By Louise"

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Louise has been a Tarot reader and personal development guide for 30 years and she has never stop developing my skills. People and Tarot are a source of joy to her and you should be able to feel that from a good reader. Her readings are imbued with wisdom, clarity and insight. Her aim is to help clients to understand their lives more clearly, and to help them develop their own inner wisdom. They can then support themselves and become more empowered in their day to day lives.

Louise is a natural intuitive and she began learning Tarot, Astrology, Palmistry and Graphology at 13 years old. Her Aunt was an Astrologer and Tarot reader also, and she encouraged her to read intuitively, not just from books.

Louise has lovingly built up a loyal and international client base who come from Alaska to Auckland. She has been a reader at esoteric shop Watkins, in London, and Crystal way esoteric shop in San Francisco, where she lived for five years. Ten years ago she moved most of my services to online and this has opened a whole world to me of amazing clients.

“Louise has given very insightful readings to me on a regular basis since 2015. What she does is so much more than a “tarot “ reading. She is a very warm and intuitive lady who has the skills to pinpoint the problematic areas of my life. She helps me identify my strengths and coping strategies. What I like most about her is how genuine and positive she is about life. Louise is a very unique person. A reading by her always opens a door to infinite possibilities. “

Sophia R. USA

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