"Just Because Calligraphy"


Sapphire is a talented and passionate Calligraphy Artist based here in Brighton. She shares our passion in bringing this fantastic experience to everyone who wants to create something special in their lives. She has been fascinated with calligraphy, ancient and modern lettering tools, and sign writing her whole life.



Talking to Sapphire, her love of Brighton truly shines through. “I love small businesses/artists supporting small businesses like with Pen To Paper giving me this platform here on their website. I also love that it is easy to walk/cycle anywhere in Brighton!”. “I love to be able to see the sea everyday from my studio and daily seaside strolls.”

After studying Fine Art Sapphire started her calligraphy business, ‘Just Because Calligraphy’. Specialising in Copperplate Calligraphy she now creates beautiful wedding stationery, family trees and teaches the art to budding calligraphers. 

“For the calligrapher, you’ll feel very mindful and creative. If you are creating calligraphy on a greetings card for example then you’ll feel that wonderful feeling of ‘the gift of giving’, making your loved one feel extra special by sending them something one of a kind and personal.”
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